I graduated from University of Cincinnati,Ohio with a degree in  Mechanical Engineering with a Fashion Design Studies minor. Growing up in Bangkok, Thailand, I was surrounded by loving and supportive parents who always encouraged me to chase my dreams. I'm fascinated by the world of fashion and how it influences people, which is why I chose to minor in fashion studies. And as an engineer at heart, I love building and creating things that make life better. My unique combination of skills and passions makes me a well-rounded individual who is ready to tackle anything that comes my way!
I'm currently pushing pixels at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. I'm honored to be part of the organization because  I know that the effort our team put actually benefit sick children and healthcare workers! 
With a passion for both art and technology, I always knew that a career in UX design was the perfect fit for me. So, I took the leap and earned a certificate in UX design to sharpen my skills and bring my vision to life. My background in mechanical engineering and basic business knowledge, combined with my newfound expertise in UX design, allows me to create seamless and user-friendly experiences for customers. I am inspired by the idea of using my skills to make a positive impact on society and help people enjoy life to the fullest. With a deep love for both mechanical engineering and UX design, I am excited to embark on this exciting journey and bring my passions to life.
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